Aug 12, 2010

Chatting Up Lexi

Not so many blog posts ago, I confessed that I have a somewhat compulsive need to write. I never realized it til I wasn't doing it in mass quantities every day. I suppose that isn't surprising given that for roughly the past...oh 20 years, writing has been pretty prevalent in my life. Sure I still write emails and whatnot, but not press releases or essays or scripts or PSAs. While an email needs to be grammatically correct and spot on with tone, it doesn't have the challenges of professional or academic writing. And I'm a freak who craves that.

Today I attended a luncheon hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals focused on fundraising via social media. I hate to admit this, but instead of getting me all jazzed about fundraising, it got me all jazzed about marketing. It was all I could do not to jump out of my chair and get into a very excited conversation with speaker David Neff.

Anyways, long story short, it meant today I felt that compulsive need to write something. But really nothing terribly exciting is going on for us right now and while I love to write, I also firmly believe in actually writing something as opposed to nothing. And wouldn't you know it, the web is full of writing prompts for weirdos like me. One lengthy explanation later, I shall finally write about the title of this post, using the writing prompt I found online.

Prompt: What are some of the questions you would like to ask your pet?
  • Why do you insist on sleeping on top of me each night?
  • How do you get Ross' boxers on your head when we're gone during the day?
  • Why does water freak you out so much?
  • You really like our house better than Jack & Nancy's house, right? RIGHT?!
  • Where did your appetite go? You have organic dog food for heaven's sake!
  • Have you figured out where we go every day? Actually, do you even care?
  • Are you a true believer that we will continue to come home to you yet? (In the early days you did not seem to believe this. I can't decide if you buy it now or if you've just stopped caring.)
  • Do paper products taste good?
DSC00488I think she might answer like this...
  • Because, Mom, you are soft and comfy to sleep on.
  • I'll never tell.
  • ...Ok I really have no idea why water scares her so much.
  • I totally love Mom & Dad's house best.
  • I'm trying to force you into giving me a people-food only diet. I seem to be failing.
  • Dunno where you go, don't care. It just better not be to see another puppy. You better not be cheating on me.
  • Yup; I buy it.
  • Like chicken.

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