Aug 28, 2010

Bark Bark in the Park Park

This afternoon we took Lexi to the Auditorium Shores off-leash dog park. This is the same place we took her for my birthday a few months back. And again, she LOVED it. She did get a little roughed up when she put her nose (literally) in another dog's fight but that serves her right. She should have more puppy sense than that.

Auditorium Shores is great but it isn't the most convenient location for us. And if we move to Georgetown one day, it will be even less convenient. So I got onto Google, knowledge source for all things, and searched for a dog park in Georgetown.

Omigoodness, they have a 6 acre park known as Bark Park. It is off leash and has separate areas for big dogs and little dogs. This is a serious park. It actually boasts amenities! Amenities such as water fountains for people AND PUPPIES. I do not know what a puppy water fountain really looks like but I am eager to find out.

As if water fountains and benches weren't enough they are adding trails to the park. And...are you ready, they are adding a doggy agility course. Can you believe that? Once that is complete, we can take Lexi for agility training! I have no idea what doggy agility courses look like but my goodness, we are definitely going to find out.

Needless to say, Lexi has now cast her vote for an eventual move to Georgetown. And with Bark Park, how can I argue?

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