Dec 4, 2010

Day with Blue Dog Rescue

iphone_picToday Ross and I helped Blue Dog Rescue with their Puppy Pictures with Santa fundraiser. I helped with the paper work and picture orders. And Ross helped dress the puppies in holiday gear.

Little did we know, he has a second career in puppy costuming. The photographer, board member, Santa and pet owners all raved about the cute cute outfits he picked out and helped dress the dogs in. Here is a picture of him and Millie who is moonlighting as Mrs. Claus.

Millie is actually a "Blue Dog," as in she's in their program at the moment. Blue Dog Rescue takes pups from all over but often shelters that aren't getting much foot traffic or families who for whatever sad circumstance can't provide a home any more (death of owner was said to be the more common in family situations). Blue Dog Rescue places them with a foster family that makes sure they are up to date on vaccines, flea treatments, etc and then brings the dogs to adoption events. If a potential forever-family is interested in the pup, the Blue Dog foster family helps evaluate whether it is a good match and ultimately helps place teh pup in a forever home. Blue Dog Rescue's budget helps relieve the foster families of the expense related to taking in a pup.

From a professional standpoint, I was really impressed with the group. They are all volunteer run and have only a five person board. With those sparse resources they help about 200 dogs per year find new homes. They've been doing it for ten years now. As a member of an all-volunteer board/organization, I know what a challenge the administrative side can be when there is no staff. So I'm very impressed with how big an impact Blue Dog Rescue is making with such limited resources.

We really liked everyone and I think we'll keep volunteering with them. Volunteer verdict: Success!

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