Dec 5, 2010

Et cetera

I feel like I have neglected to update you on a few misc.-etc. type things.
  • December Goals: One down and great progress on another! My boss approved my vacation time so Christmas break officially begins December 18. Woohoo! Also, I've written $65,000 in fundraising proposals for Women of Distincion. Just another $10,000 to knock out before the holidays.
  • Happy Birthday Ross: No his birthday isn't quite yet. It's in April and it's the big three-oh. To celebrate the milestone we just booked a place on Lake Travis. It sleeps 16 and is lakefront. We're super jazzed to have everyone out for rip-roaring good time. Note: Between his birthday celebration and our South Carolina trip, April is looking pretty dang fabulous.
  • My Sister's Keeper: Just finished this book and it is so good. I can't wait to watch the movie soon. I'm not really in a review mood but trust me, you should read it. It's a page-turner.
  • Lexi: Have you ever heard the theory that dogs are the manifestation of their owners? We joke that Lexi is this. She's very playful like Ross and a cuddle-bug like me. Well the vet confirmed that she is the puppy version of us when at her annual visit last week he said that she's not fat...oh but her belly has a little extra. She's healthy, no need for a diet, but she does carry her little extra in her belly. Just. Like. Us.
  • Happy Birthday Jack & Nichole!: They are birthday twinkies both with December 4 birthdays. Though they are a few decades apart in age.

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