Dec 30, 2010

Goals, Revisited

Many moons ago I wrote some goals for this month. I've done OK.
  • Keep up 200 minutes of cardio per week.
  • Start Christmas vacation on December 18.
  • Send out the cutest Christmas cards ever.
  • Reach our savings goal. Well we knew this one would be tough. But I'm still pleased with where we'll be starting from for 2011.
  • Wine tasting.  Specically this was my wine date with Brittany. We didn't make it due to schedules and wine classes being canceled for two Saturdays due to holidays. We did however definitely drink our fair share of wine, we just had to pay for it the old fashioned way.
  • Read at least two fun books.
  • Complete all of my Women of Distinction proposals.
5 out of 7 is (findins calculator...) 71%. So I got a D for the month of December. But if I tell you that I had a (at that time) secret career goal that I have since achieved and of course that I did taste much wine with Brittany, can that count as extra credit? Maybe bring me up a letter grade?


janieliz19 said...

Where I grew up a 71% was a C- if that makes you feel better;)

Cheryl said...

Oh the glory of the Arizona school system.