Dec 3, 2010

Santa Ross

DSC00740While I was at work this morning Santa Ross and his little elf (Lexi) bought and wrapped my Christmas presents!

Santa Ross is an excellent gift giver. He thinks on it long and hard. He even gets a little competitive - he wants to be sure that you like the gift he got you best of all. This works out great for those of us on the receiving end.

What Santa Ross is not so awesome at is wrapping gifts. Knowing this, I was very impressed by the clean, tidy wrapping job of these gifts. I complimented him on it.

DSC00741He told me to look in the kitchen.

As you can see, there are pieces of wrapping paper all over the counter and what you cannot see is that there's more on the kitchen table. He told me that while he was wrapping the presents he got so frustrated and started cursing that he scared Lexi. She ran outside and wouldn't come back in until he was done.

But she's the elf, right? Shouldn't she be wrapping the presents??

Kudos to Santa Ross though. The pieces of wrapping paper that currently decorate the kitchen are so large, I think I can use most of them to wrap other people's gifts.

Wrapping paper aside...I can't wait to see what he got me. He's also really good about not letting on as to what the gift is. I have no idea. Here's what I do know though. See if you can help me guess.
  • The lady at the store told him I was very lucky.
  • The big box is VERY light. I asked him if he got me air.
  • The smaller gift is heavier. It feels sturdy.
I got nothing else though. But I'm sure Santa Ross came through. He's a gift-giving champ.


Anonymous said...

Could the big box be one of those gifts-in-a-box-in-a-box-in-a-box? If so, I vote it is jewelery. As for the smaller, sturdier package - could it be a Kindle? You do love to read. I, for one, love the look/feel/smell of real books and would not want a Kindle, but I have many friends who absolutely LOVE theirs - and you might too!

Jess said...

No matter what is in the boxes, or how much paper he used to wrap them, I give him extra credit for already completing his Christmas shopping for you! Most guys end up waiting until the week of.

Cheryl said...

Brittney we're both like you on the kindle front so no, I don't think its that. As for the big box, a gift in-a-box-in-a-box is also my suspicion. And Jess, we're both like this with Christmas. He's been plotting since October - as in at our anniversary he told me he already knew what he was getting me for Christmas. I'm telling you, its the competitive streak in him. :)