Dec 1, 2010

Texts From Last Night, Part 2

After watching the best episode of Top Chef EVER and having lots of other things on my mind, I am far too wound up to sleep. (Bummer since tomorrow is an early morning at the office.)

So I am reading from the website And laughing. A. LOT. I want to share some of the more appropriate ones with you and encourage you to go read the inappropriate long as you are old enough and think that kinda thing is humorous.

Ahem, appropriate texts from last night (.com):
  • i am too hungover to go to class can you just call me and put it on speaker phone
  • There's a pair of socks on the bar. No-one's questioned this.
  • Hey they cleaned all the blood out of the elevator. Also could you pick up some nachos?
  • I just want to let you know it was a unanimous decision that we would eat you first if we ever turned into cannibals, we figured with all the bacon you eat you may taste like it. It's a chance we are willing to take with your life...don't forget that we love you
  • Lauren she was gnawing on a dresser. Gnawing. On. A. Dresser.
  • The toilet started ringing, I think I just found your phone.
  • We decided to go to McDs, but we only had a few minutes to make it to breakfast. We were sprinting full speed ahead when she tripped and you just yelled 'LEAVE HER' and kept your course.
Does anyone else have flashbacks to college when they read these?

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Anonymous said...

hahaha DAILY. This site is a daily reminder of my college days! It was fun at the time, but I definitely couldn't do that stuff again...