Dec 24, 2010

Top Stories of 2010

At the gym today I saw a story about the AP's Top Rated News Stories of 2010. (Spoiler Alert: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill took home the prize.) It got me thinking, what have the Black family top stories of 2010 been? The game-changers if you will.

  • Tie for First: Georgetown Fire Department Ross getting his job there was definitely a game-changer for our family. Now we have a set schedule on a three-day rotation, health insurance for him and a kick ass retirement plan. And of course, he has career satisfaction.
  • Tie for First: US Navy Kevin announcing in May that he would be enlisting in the Navy caught more than a few of us by surprise and has been one of the best decisions of his life. Possibly the absolute best. In October he went to boot camp in Illinois and now that he's home for the holidays, I can confidently say he made the right choice.
  • Second: Gramma Her declining health and eventual passing was definitely a milestone for the family. This is our first Christmas without her and I know it will be tough. From a very selfish perspective, in addition to supporting Ross through it all, losing his Gramma made me appreciate mine even more.
  • Third: My job Suffice it to say, 2010 was a more interesting year career-wise than I would have ever anticipated.
Honorable Mention
  • DSC00727Break In Mostly this just brought a crap-storm into our lives for a month but even the crap-storm cloud had a silver lining: my new TriDelta pin a la my sisters.
  • New Babies Blake, Taygan, Adele and Layla are coloring our lives a little more youthful. For where we are right now, having new babies who belong to someone else is the perfect situation :)
  • Relocation Nichole and her hubby moved to P-ville from South Austin and Brittany and Ken came back from DFW. Hurray! My social life got a big bump from both.
  • Engagements Win & MeganJane & Chris, Cason & Page and Brittney & Chad - so much love in the air!
Your top stories of 2010?

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