Dec 11, 2010

Starting to look a lot like Christmas

This is what the holiday season is supposed to be like. New England can have its white Christmas. I'll take 75 and sunny!

Ross put a screen door on the back door yesterday so I'm cleaning house and fixing lunch to Christmas music while a wonderful breeze blows through the open back door and front window. It's great! The tree is lit, Frank Sinatra is singing to me and I'm wearing a skirt and tank top.

Lexi & Santa
Suspect #1 in chocolate eating
Another indicator of a good holiday season: this afternoon Brittany and I are going out for a wine tasting (not the coupon we have from, scheduling didn't work) and tonight Nichole and I are going to a holiday party. I love holiday parties.

Oh and I get to do a little extra Christmas shopping, courtesy of Lexi, the $15 Godiva chocolate eating, present un-wrapping reindeer puppy. Yup, she unwrapped and ate Grandma's Christmas gift. But this means I have another excuse to go to the Godiva store and yet another gift to wrap, which for me is a joy, not a chore by any means. So perhaps I should thank Lexi? (Really I'm just glad that the very expensive chocolate didn't make her sick. See it is a good holiday season.)

How are you holidays? Shaping up nicely?

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