Dec 1, 2010

December Goals

Anna and Emal have inspired this post. Congrats Anna on checking off many things on you November list and good luck Emal with your December list.

My December goals are...
  • Keep up 200 minutes of cardio per week. Hit the nail on the head in November!
  • Start Christmas vacation on December 18. Vacation request is in. Fingers crossed!
  • Send out the cutest Christmas cards ever. I won't give it all away but rest assured, they will include Lexi as she is definitely the cutest thing in our home.
  • Reach our savings goal. In July we set a goal for how much we want to save up this year. We reached that last month and then used some of it for Anna and Ben's wedding and some of it for Ross' birthday celebration. But that's what it was for. Now though, we're fairly close to still making that goal after those expenses. It's a stretch but here's to hoping! (Feel free to make a deposit into our savings account as a Christmas gift.)
  • Wine tasting. Brittany and I bought a special for a wine tasting in the downtown-ish area and I am determined that we'll actually go this month. Tentative girls' wine date is the 11th.
  • Read at least two fun books. I just started a new one this weekend. I think I'll probably have that finished by Christmas break (haha love that I still have Christmas break) and I'd like to read another over the holidays.
  • Complete all of my Women of Distinction proposals. I have about six sponsor proposals to send out before the holidays...about $75,000 worth of funding. I really need/want to finish them all.
  • Fix Flash. My computer tells me Flash is installed but things that should show in Flash do not. I will get this sorted out and fixed.

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janieliz19 said...

what are you reading little? you know i am always up for books :)