Dec 23, 2010

Holidays at our House

Christmas Eve is reserved for the Turners and Christmas Day for the Lowes but this week has been holiday happenings at the Black house.

Saturday, Dec. 18: Christmas party! You've already seen the pictures and you know Kevin and Bryanna came to visit and joint he party. Ross and I guesstimate that we had about 30-35 people over that night. The hot cider I made (spiked with bourbon) was a huge success. Two batches of 12ish cups each flew off the stove. The tortilla pinwheels also disappeared quickly...we think before Kev and Bry even arrived so I'm talking FAST.
This bone is easily 2 ft
Sunday, Dec. 19: Lunch from Chipolte/Freebirds, a disappointing Texans game but lots of relaxing. I think most of my home slept most of the day.
Monday, Dec. 20:  Ross headed out to work and I spent the day with Kev and Bry. It started with our present to Kevin: an hour massage. While he indulged in that, Bry and I finished Christmas shopping, took Lexi for a pedicure and rewarded her good behaviour with the biggest bone sold at Petsmart. Then with Lexi returned to the house and Kevin done being pampered, we headed out for lunch at Hula Hut and window shopping on South Congress. Hence the fun pics from that day. Kev caught a 5 p.m. flight back to Houston to spend some time with the rest of the family and Bry and I had a lazy evening with Love Actually.
Tuesday, Dec. 21: Bryanna, Nichole and I had lunch at the Melting Pot. Yum! The spinach artichoke cheese fondue is delish. We burned off lunch with a walk around Town Lake and stopped into Whole Foods downtown.
Georgetown Courthouse
Wednesday, Dec 22: Bryanna and I explored downtown Georgetown. Cute cute cute! I had no idea how charming that area was. It is a huge pro in the "should we move to Georgetown?" debate. Even their courthouse was cute...a nice perk if you are being dragged there for something that probably isn't too fun (why else do people go to courthouses really?). And I thoroughly hope to frequent the Georgetown Winery. We didn't try any wines but it definitely had the atmosphere that could suck you and a girlfriend in for hours. Finally, after visiting the Georgetown square, I'm vowing to do significantly more gift shopping in that local area and less at the mall. Before heading back home, Bry and I did visit corporate America again though...but for really cute shoes at DSW which I know even the biggest advocate for shopping local would understand if they saw these pumps. Finally, dinner and cheering Boise State to victory! Woohoo!
Today: Bry headed out this morning back to Houston. Ross is at work. Lexi is being rambunctious. It's a housewife day for me. I've been to the gym, mopped every moppable surface at the house, got the car inspected (in record time; I love Austin's Choice Auto Repair) and am about to settle in for some holiday baking while I indulge in a little guacamole.

The whole family really enjoyed our holiday guests, possibly most especially Lexi. She can never have too much attention. We'll have a little downtime and then tomorrow afternoon the holidays re-arrive in full force! Yay Christmas season!

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