Mar 21, 2011

Carolina on my mind

April is almost here which means it's almost time for Ben & Anna's wedding and our trip to Charleston. Yay!

Tonight I started looking at fun things we might do there. I'm not sure if we'll book anything before we go but I at least want ideas. So far the short list is
  • Carriage Ride Tour, as in horse-drawn carriage complete with tour guide dressed as a Confederate soldier. Does it get more authentic than this? (Also one of my coworker's kid is really into Civil War history... I'm highly considering this option just so we can take a picture for the kiddo.)
    Insert Ross & Cheryl
  • Folly Beach Bicycling, sounds super fun right. The bikes are actually two-person trikes so they look a little silly (as you can obviously see from this awesome photo) but I'm not ruling it out.
  • Charleston Harbor Tour, or to quote Anna "I'm on a boat!" I did a Sydney Harbor Tour when I studied abroad and it was great. This one sounds even better (if you take out the "Sydney" part of the former) because it really takes you in where you can see things. Love it. Con: tour guide not dressed as Confederate soldier.
  • Parasailing, in Folly Beach. Led by Capt. John who looks like a really cool cat. I'm not really sure who he is but he is the star of the website and I'm sold.
  • FIG, as recommended by Ben. Apparently the must-visit dining location.
Have you been to Charleston/Folly Beach? Do you recommend something for us to do on our adventure?

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Jess said...

Definitely recommend the carriage rides, and there are so many of them around you can pretty much go on a tour whenever you want. Rob and I like the historic home tours too. For a casual lunch or dinner we like Fleet Landing
They have good food and it's on the water, so a nice location. And if you have never been to a Wet Willies and like alcoholic slushies I suggest stopping in there for a drink :) They have like 30 flavors, it's a fun place to try out.