Mar 11, 2011

Go Crazy

Tonight was one of my three days to go crazy on what I ate. I mostly did. I had Mexican food for lunch and dinner. Delicious. OMG so delicious.

The downfall to having healthy friends is if you decide to go crazy you either a) eat all the shrimp queso by yourself which is rarely a good idea or you b) don't eat shrimp queso. I went for the less destructive option of not eating shrimp queso.

Bon Voyage Nichole!However despite the lack of shrimp queso, I had a great night out. Nichole, Brittany and I celebrated the beginning of Nic's vaca. I cannot tell you how jealous I am of Nichole and her hubby's week vaca to Jamaica. I wanna go to Jamaica. They are snorkeling, hiking through waterfalls, getting massages and having a private four course beach dinner.

Tell me you don't want to do those things. I dare you. Liar. You want to do them all. Just like I do. I hope Nic and hubby have an excellent time. They deserve a good vacation after all the hard work they've put into making this dream trip a reality. We should all be so lucky as to work so hard and honestly and be rewarded so wonderfully.

Here's to Nic and her Jamaica vacation!

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