Mar 6, 2011

Three Part Weekend

Since my big TV debut on Friday, we've had a great and signficantly more low key weekend.

First Saturday morning I bought our Ranger-Red Sox tickets. We're going up to DFW for opening weekend and I am super excited. I haven't seen a Sox game in many moons. What makes it even more fun is our friend Chris is from Lynn and thus a big Sox fan. He and his wife will round out the Sox cheering section with me. Also, it is Ross' first game at the Ballpark at Arlington and Ryan's first MLB game ever. We've got a group of nine going and I'm really looking forward to it.

002Second I had a masterful shopping trip. In the fall I finally really decorated our guest bathroom by adding flow blue accents. It was a piece from this store, another from that store. The nice thing about flow blue is the pieces are all supposed to be a little unique but in that style. Now for Christmas I got these great Vermont soaps from my dad (yup made in America) and I wanted to put them out in the guest bathroom but had no soap dish. I've literally been looking for a flow blue soap dish for more than two months now. Well I must be a trendsetter because Target is now carrying a whole blue-and-white bathroom line with almost all the accents done in modernized flow blue. I was practically giddy when I came across this great soap dish. Maybe soap dishes aren't a big deal to everyone, but it was to me.

004Also in my shopping trip, I finally came across an accent piece for the other side of the TV/entertainment center that was in my price range. I've been struggling for nearly a year and a half to balance out this little section of the house, only forgoing the mission at Christmas when the tree resides in that corner. My favorite part of my new decor is that the reed things have little silver bits in them so when you are in the room with a candle lit, it reflects and feels super fancy.

And part three of the weekend was an adventure to the Auditorium Shores Dog Park. Lexi ran and ran and ran. And got MUDDY! She had to have a second bath after our little family outing. It was a perfect day weather wise and all of Austin was out. We ended up parking downtown and walking across the bridge to the dog park. I felt like such a an urban yuppie couple walking our dog downtown and across the bridge to the dog park that sits right next to the performing arts center. Such Austinites we are! I love when we all go out together like that on the weekend. It's the best.

So yup, that was our weekend. It was one of the last really low-key weekends we'll have til summer. In the next two months there's SXSW, my DC trip, Junior League new member welcome party, Clay Walker at the Austin Rodeo, Fonda San Miguel date night, my Atlanta trip, our Rangers-Sox weekend, Cattle Baron's Ball volunteering, Ross' 30th birthday, Easter, my birthday and BenAnna's Charleston wedding. Yeah, its busy. Expect lots of pictures!

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