Mar 13, 2011

Puppy Dog Sleepover

This weekend Ross and Ryan headed up to Dallas for Rick's birthday celebration. I did my part by taking care of Ryan's german shephard, McKenzie. She's a sweet pup. Huge, but sweet. Actually, its sorta funny to see her as I'm so used to Lexi's determined alpha dog self that McKenzie who is 20 pounds bigger but has no interest in being top dog, is just kinda funny.

Anyways, I picked up McKenzie last night and brought her back to our house for a sleepover.

011OMG. There was no sleep at this sleepover.

For the most part they were very good puppies. Lexi got a little sassy when McKenzie first arrived but in fairness, the house was dark and all Lexi knew was that some puppy was coming into her house. Once it was established that McKenzie was our friend, all was fine. So they played, and played and played. Wonderful. Excellent.

Then it was bedtime. Holy cow. Lexi and McKenzie both jump into bed with me. McKenzie kinda walks over to me in bed to snuggle and Lexi flies off the handle. She starts growling and promptly inserts herself between McKenzie and me. McKenzie goes to the opposite corner of the bed and we're all good.

But apparently then she gets lonely and comes back to Lexi and me. Again, Lexi is just not having this. She makes sure there is no room between us for McKenzie to wiggle into (not hard when its 70 pounds that would need to wiggle). McKenzie finally lays down and the pups are licking each other, happy as can be I think. Until McKenzie tries to scoot closer. Lexi literally starts taking her paw and pushing McKenzie away. It was very "This is my bed and my mama. Not yours."

Eventually McKenzie sleeps in the puppy bed (which Lexi initially objected to but when I told her to shush she seemd to relent). I use sleep loosely because McKenzie also paced the living room, whined, laid down in the bathroom, went out to pee 3 times, slopped up lots of water and barked at a mystery something she thought was on the front porch. Every time she moved to do any of these things, Lexi sits right up at attention, half of the time, on top of me and every time waking me.

It was a very eventful sleepover puppy dog overnight and that's why McKenzie is back at her own home now and I'm wondering how much Starbucks it will take to power me through my afternoon at SXSW.

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