Mar 24, 2011

My date with Clay Walker

And by "date" I mean concert I saw where he was the performer.

Last night I took my first adventure to the Austin Rodeo. So different than the Houston Rodeo. It had the same basic elements: carnival, livestock show, rodeo events, concert, junk food. But the Houston Rodeo is easily 5 times bigger. It is held at Reliant Stadium for goodness sake! The Austin Rodeo feels like its held at a county fairground. (I'm not really sure what you'd call the place but that's the best comparison I've got.) However, because it was smaller, every seat in the house was a good seat. The prices for concessions were less outrageous and the lines for the bathroom were shorter. All really good things in my mind.

Clay Walker was awesome. He did a great show and I loved singing along with him. Verdict: Win.

(But I think I'll still make the trip out to Houston for the rodeo every couple of years. Every once in a while you have to go big.)

Off to work! Have a stellar day!

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