Mar 4, 2011

MUST SEE TV: World News with Diane Sawyer

I was going to write a longer post last night but as its now morning and I need to get to work, you get the Cliff Notes version.

World News with Diane Sawyer has been running a series called Made in America all about how if we each spent a little more money on American made goods, we could create a lot of jobs. They had a little online pledge and Ross and I took it. We figure we can check the tags on things and when there is an American made option, be sure to purchase that one. This was all a couple weeks ago.

Fastforward to Wednesday when I get an email from a senior producer at World News. OMG! She asked for us to submit video and/or photos of us trying to buy American or surveying our home to see what we already own that is American. The clips were for consideration in Friday night's broadcast.

Well its now Friday night and all this makes World News with Diane Sawyer (5:30 CST) MUST SEE TV for you. Make sure you tune in. We might have our 15 seconds of fame.

And PS I love Diane Sawyer. She's one of the few people I am full-on star struck by and it would probably make my whole life to be on her broadcast in one way or another.

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