Mar 8, 2011

Nonprofit Carnival

Even though I work in the for-profit sector now, I still consider myself a nonprofiteer at heart. And I hope to always be one no matter where I work. I think the elements of creativity, thrift, passion and compassion that make up the nonprofit sector rock. That's why I'm so excited that being at Convio let's me do and engage with all those and with so many nonprofits and nonprofiteers. It kinda makes me feel like I make the world a better place times 1300 (clients).

I read many many nonprofit blogs, both for work and because I find them interesting. Here's a post about what its like to work in the nonprofit sector. Pretty spot on if you ask me.

If you are considering a gig in social good, nonprofit sector or for-profit but serving nonprofits, here are three things I think you should consider.
  1. Do you love to be creative? Even if you aren't leading art projects, I'll bet you that you have to be creative with something, at the very least, your budget.
  2. Do you care? Whether it's trees or kids or horny toads, you have to care about the mission or the organization. In fact, if you consider mission fulfilment part of your compensation package, right up there with health insurance and PTO, you're in a real good spot.
  3. Is it worth your time? Think about how much time you spend in the office, on the phone, checking email, brainstorming etc. It's pretty cool that nonprofiteers can think about all that time in terms of lives changed, species saved, environments improved, laws passed. Way more fun than emails sent, accounts rectified, data entered and items sold.

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