Mar 20, 2011

DC Weekend Round Up

Long time no see y'all. Well it can be explained by my four day jaunt to DC. I'm still recovering (both from working long hours and from a wine night with Anna) but I wanted to quickly give you the round up of news and will maybe post longer things later.

  • DC went great from a work stance. The Nonprofit Technology Conference was great! I'm especially excited that I ate lunch with some folks from the American Cancer Society and that our local Ronald McDonald House received an award for a short film. Very cool.
  • I had a great Saturday night with Ben and Anna. Their apartment is super cute with very American decor that feels perfect in DC. Loved seeing them!
  • I came home to the cleanest house in America. My wonderful hubby not only cleaned house but he CLEANED. I've never seen a cleaner house that wasn't a model home. It's beautiful and I'm going to work really hard with him to keep it this clean. Thanks honey!
  • I changed my Twitter handle. This blog has about 6 readers and probably 2 of them are on Twitter but nonetheless, I'm getting the message out. You don't have to re-find or re-follow me or anything. You just have to know that when you see tweets from @CLBlack425 that it's me. (Btw really jazzed that my email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all use the same name now. It makes my little marketing heart sing.)
And now I am going to bed. Good night!

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