Mar 27, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Since I fly to Atlanta and see Jess/Rob tonight, this post will have to have a continuation on Monday or Tuesday. But for now, here's our weekend in pictures.

Friday we went to dinner with Jon & Erin at Vivo in Cedar Park. The margaritas were amazing.

005 - Copy
Saturday we played vollyeball at Hanover's here in Pville. This was Ross' dance to intimidate the other team. Please feel free to laugh.

Lexi came with us to volleyball. This is my fav pic of her because you can't really see the scratches on her little nose from the puppy dog fight she had last week and because she doesn't look like an abandoned neglected dog the way she does in some other pics.

I practiced taking action shots. I think this one turned out OK.

Great weekend! Now jet set for Hotlanta and dinner with the Porters!

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