Mar 12, 2011

SXSW: Now I get it

This weekend I'm hanging out at SXSW for work. (Come to Convio's nonprofit meetup tomorrow at 3:30 if you are SXSW-ing.) At first I was thinking "ugh, a weekend of work. LAME." And I kinda had to drag my butt downtown for SXSW. Add to it that on my very first day (yesterday) one of the session's presenters didn't show. Not a good first SXSW experience.

But today I got down there bright and early for a session on the future of nonprofits. And then I went to a session on nonprofits and celebrity endorsements. And then one on social media as a customer retention tool. And finally one on texting to donate. Oh and I did a survey for Chevy in the middle that got me a Starbucks gift card.

Um...yeah, 100% sold on SXSW now. I'm having a blast! I'm totally geeking out to nonprofit and social media stuff and not feeling too much like a geek because everyone around me is geeking out. And that I'm on my phone tweeting the whole time - not geeky, cool. It's amazing! I love it.

I'm super excited to head back tomorrow and Sunday and geek out some more. I think I'm going to add some more sessions/parties to my schedule and beef up my experience in the last two days I have.

In. love.

And here's the video interview I made today and posted to the Convio blog. But because you are my awesome blog reader, I'll post it here too so you can watch it. (What's that you say? You aren't a total nonprofit geek like me and creating innovation in nonprofits doesn't really speak to you? OK fine, so don't watch it. But just know, I am geeking out hardcore.)

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