Apr 12, 2011

Big News I've Neglected to Share

In the midst of flat iron drama, I've neglected to share several items that qualify as BIG NEWS. This post won't do them justice but at least I will no longer be such a neglectful blogger.
  • Kevin is being stationed in San Diego for two years. Yay! On shore, safe and someplace we're all looking forward to visiting. Nicely done little bro.
  • Ross turns 30 tomorrow! Wowzas! Party this weekend.
  • Mom & Dad are visiting for Easter. Hurray! It also doubles as Graphic 5 weekend and my birthday weekend. Talk about three birds with one stone.
  • Lexi had her first swim over the weekend. She caved to peer pressure when while at the dog park, she was left out of the water-based fetch game.

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