Apr 9, 2011

My hubby is fantastic

My hubby is fantastic. Earlier this week he suggested we have a little dinner date night before going to my boss' surprise 30th birthday party last night. Excellent, sounds like a plan I said.

When I got home from work yesterday I asked what the plan was for date night. Holy cow did this man have a plan!

First we went to dinner at a little German place here in Pville we'd been looking to try. (My meal was OK, his was delicious. Next time I'm ordering the sausage.)

Then we went to a new bar that replaced one of our old standbys for a quick drink before heading out to the main event: Capital City Comedy Club.

I've not been to many comedy shows - I think this makes number 3 or 4 - so I was really excited. Something different and fun to do! And the show was great. From the opening act to the headliner, it was really funny. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing during the headliner. My favorite part was when he was describing a voicemail from his five year old nephew. Obviously I can't do it justice but what's not funny about a voicemail from a five year old?

And then when the comedy show ended, we were conveniently just a couple miles from the surprise party so we headed over there to make our appearance. Ross met my coworkers, who all commented on how good looking he is (duh) and we had a couple drinks. It was lovely!

Such a great date night! Yay date night! Way to go hubby!

And here in a few minutes we're heading out to the dog park with Lexi and to grab sandwiches for lunch. I love dog park adventures and am so excited he suggested we take one today.

After the puppy dog adventure, Fantastic Hubby is going to drop me off at Brittany's new apartment for an afternoon of girl pool time. And then Britt, Kendra and I will head downtown for a wine tasting class, then they'll drop me off at the mall to pick up my engagement ring (loose stone, I've been engagement ring-less for about week, very sad) and hubby will pick me up and we'll have dinner with his folks.

Such a wonderful perfect weekend at home!

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