Apr 6, 2011

An Email From Val

Today I got an email from Val that sent me over the moon. Over the moon I tell you!

She emailed me about my plans for the weekend of Anna's wedding. She emailed me about that because it is getting so darn close that it is time to make plans for a weekend of fun together.


I knew Anna's wedding was soon but it wasn't until I got Val's email that I realized just how soon. 24 days soon to be exact. I am going to see all the deltas in 24 days!

I promptly started dancing in my chair at work and squealing in excitment to my coworkers as I tried to explain why I was dancing with excitement. Yay yay yay!

Pictures we get to recreate with an Anna twist this month

Amandas Wedding


1 comment:

janieliz19 said...

everything about this just made me SO HAPPY!!!! 22 days until we're all back together (since it'll be the day BEFORE the wedding!) 22 22 22 22