Apr 3, 2011

Opening Weekend!

Sox fans gotta stick together
Baseball opening weekend! Woohoo! The dreary weeks after football but before baseball are officially over. We are back in season for a sport we care about and love. Hurray!

Only so many times in life is your team opening against your hubby's team on a weekend where you are free to travel to one of the games. This was one of those times.

Yesterday we piled with Erin and Jon into my car and started the trek north on I-35 to DFW for opening weekend. Many points from the weekend.

First, wow. Perfect weather for baseball. Warm but not sticky. Perfect.

Second, Rangers Ballpark at Arlington is a really nice park. Ross had never been (I went once) and we really liked being at a nice, clean park that was jammed packed with thousands of rowdy fans. Awesome.

 Third, we had two MLB virgins with us. Neither Patty nor Ryan had ever been to an MLB game. I'm willing to cut them a little slack since they both grew up in San Antonio which doesn't have a team and I know at least Ryan isn't a huge baseball person. (Frankly I'm not even sure how well versed he is on the rules.)

Fourth...well we won't talk about the score. Suffice it to say, Ross had a fantastic time.

Fifth, our seats were great. First baseline. Nice.

Sixth, well it was just a really fun adventure to DFW. I'm so glad we splurged and took this little mini vacation with our friends!
For the "Ross & Cheryl See the World" album. Ryan decided to make a guest appearance.

PS I got a kick out of Jess' blog post about how she just is not into baseball and opening day. I must say, I feel the exact opposite of her. I LOVE IT!


Jess said...

haha! glad you enjoyed yourself :) i will say i understand your excitement over this weekend much more than those who posted this that and another thing on facebook about opening weekend, and weren't even at a game!

Cheryl said...

Yes, being at the game makes it 10x more fun. But we celebrate every year because like I said, it means the end of the misery season when there is niether football nor baseball (really such a depressing time of year).