Apr 17, 2011

Blue Boy Birthday

We had Ross's birthday bash at the Blue Boy Inn this weekend and as evidence that it was a good party, I'm exhausted. I'd say we had about 20-25 people out there over the course of the day/evening. And to give you some highlights... 
Meg is really excited about how much Ross loves me

It started with boys fishing. Ross, Jon and Ryan all caught something.

We ate lots of delicious BBQ sausage and the best Omaha steaks brand hotdogs on the planet.

Meg, Ross's sister, came out and partied later than I've ever seen her party before.

Ross fell asleep fairly early and I thought it best he stay asleep. So I guarded his bedroom door for him...just to be told after 15 minutes of guarding that "Pancho's on the deck," meaning my hubby, wearing a poncho (because that's the more fun version of a jacket) had climbed out the window of our room to rejoin the party. Why he didn't go out the door which was unlocked, we're not sure.

Rick and Ryan got Ross good for his birthday...and by got him good I mean woke him up from sleeping and wrestled him to the ground.

Rick slept in Ryan's bed. Why? We don't know either. They were in a room with two double beds and Rick's girlfriend Megan was alone in one and Rick was in the other with Ryan. And they stayed this way all night. (Note: this really made me want to play "Who's in your bed?" and actually just the thought of texting that to Ryan made me laugh out loud but then I realized nobody else would get it. It except about half my blog readers, hence the inclusion.)

We all woke up this morning saying "It's been since college..."

See, all evidence of a good night. Happy birthday honey!

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