Apr 15, 2011

More Excellent Customer Service

I feel like people usually only talk about customer service when its bad. But in addition to this week's earlier excellent Conair service, I've had even more excellent customer service. And I am going to tell you about it because sharing good things and recommending companies is always more fun than ranting.

Netflix: A certain husband who shall remain nameless foolishly mailed my Pilates DVD to Netflix last week instead of the Tudors DVD. I was very bummed when I wanted to do Pilates after my run. However today when we checked the mail not only was our next series of the Tudors in it but Netflix also mailed back my Pilates DVD. Wow! Love it. Very pleased with Netflix. It is now high on the $8 per month well spent list.

Bank of America: BofA and I have had our differences. They once lost hundreds of dollars in Australian currency and also once lost the funds from a CD I cashed. However in both of those instances, the situation was resolved and I ultimately came out on top. But tonight, BofA gets a win that did not require a frustrating process first. Our mortgage payment had gone up for the second time. We know there will always be fluctuations with taxes and insurance but going up again to now almost $100 more than the original payment seemed like a bit much. Tonight at 9 p.m. I finally remembered to call them. First win: they were available and it only took two answer-by-touch questions to get me to a real person. Second win: she suggested two things we could change in our mortgage payment to lower it. The lovely BofA lady just saved us about $1100 a year and she did it in less than 25 minutes. I've been a BofA fan for the convenience of having an ATM on every corner and for the glorious 5% interest rate on our mortgage, but now I think I can add customer service to the list of reasons I like BofA. (Oh and their Twitter customer support is excellent. Had a couple questions/issues resolved that way. In fact, I think I'll show them a little love by tweeting this blog post.)

Have you had great customer service lately?

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