Jun 12, 2011

3 Feats of the Weekend

Ross surprised me by cleaning house Fri! Yay!
Since I rarely left my house, you are correct in assuming these are small victories.
  1. Nanny Returns. I did in fact manage to finish this book over the weekend. It certainly isn't an award winner but if you enjoyed the first, then this is a nice, light, fluffy, quick-read great for being poolside, beachfront or permanently positioned in your big comfy bed as I was. Small word of warning: there are a few characters who make brief appearances and are easy to swap around in your head. A little annoying but not detrimental to the plot at all. Verdict: take it on vacation with you for mindless literary enjoyment.
  2. Blog labels. After blogging and labeling my post yesterday I realized I have been a big fat fail at this. Not that it really matters but I thought ya know, it would be nice if my blog posts were accurately and consistently labeled. Besides just liking to write, I do have the slight ambition that this will serve as the chronicles of my little family. And how much easier would that be with thematic labels. Much. So I backtracked and labeled everything for 2011. It only took me an hour and half to select labels, come up with fresh ones and delete silly ones that don't really have broad appeal. 
  3. Ross' calendar. I kinda function as the human calendar in our home which usually I'm OK with but sometimes I get irritated by. It's a lot of stress to always remember where everyone is/should be all the time! So I ended it. I hacked Ross' Yahoo calendar (ie asked him nicely for the password) set it up to share with me and added default text message alerts an hour before every event. Then I "invited" him to all the relevant things I'd been keeping in my Google calendar like dinner with his folks next week. (By the way, I do wish I could get him to make the move to Google calendars but he isn't on board so I'm taking what I can get.) I'm hoping the text message alerts and shared calendars reduce my need to be a walking calendar and help organize us a little better. And definitely one day, when he gets an iPhone, it's going to be even more awesome. (And maybe one day we can go "green" and forgo wall calendars...yeah...no. Every family needs a kitchen calendar.)
Yes, it's the little victories.

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