Jun 30, 2011

Shorts II

The past couple posts have been not about daily life (which is fine) but for the few of you who like to read this just to know what's goin' on, I've been droppin' the ball. So here's the second installment of shorts.

I've been spending my evenings working on a marketing project for the BCRC. I think we'll wrap it up right after the Fourth and go live next week. Yay!

The Astros lost to the Rangers during their three game series for the "Silver Boot." Ross is relishing in the victory and thinking of creative ways to rub it in the faces of all 'stros fans.

I took a kick boxing class last night. My arms are wicked sore from jabs and undercuts and all kinds of other things. My remedy? Take a spin class on Sunday so that my legs will be equally sore.

Guilty admission: I DVRed a special called "Will & Kate: Royal Baby Watch." No surprises it just talked about how the Duchess has lots of pressure to have babies (apparently nothing has changed since King Henry VIII and the poor fortune of his wives). It made me wonder - Kate used to be know as "Waitey Katiey" but maybe they put off getting married because they knew as soon as they did, she'd have to get pregnant. Maybe not, but it would seem like a smart plan to me.

And finally, most the fireworks shows are canceled here this year due to the worst drought in a million years. I think we're something like 10 inches behind on rain for the year. I've heard rumors that two suburbs are giving it a shot still so here's to hoping we end up at one of those shows.


Mom said...

The Astros did win the last game of the series with the Rangers when they played in Arlington and the won again last night in Houston (again the last game of the series). It's the other 4 games that they lost and therefore lost the silver boot. The Astros are having a horrible year!

Cheryl said...

I know...sometimes I think a root canal would be more enjoyable...