Jun 14, 2011

Very Strong Opinions About Pants

A friend/work contact of mine has a blog dedicated to Very Strong Opinions About Random Topics. This post is dedicated to him.


Today while walking Lexi through the neighborhood I crossed paths with a group of teenagers. One fellow had on a ridiculous outfit. Boxers, an inch below those, athletic shorts and EIGHT INCHES below those, another pair of athletic shorts. That's right, two pairs of athletic shorts.

I tried to find a Google image to relate this terrible fashion choice to you but alas, it is so terrible, I can't even find an image on Google. But I digress.

When this young man got dressed, what on earth made him think "you know, its 100 degrees outside today, I think I should wear two pairs of shorts, one near-ish to my waist and the other fully below my butt."?

Who told him this looks cool? And why did they lie to him so cruelly?

Furthermore, isn't walking with a waistband around your thighs inconvenient?

I don't totally get pant sagging but I won't crucify the guy with an inch or two of unmentionables above the waist of their pants. (Ladies are another topic. Girls, your panties/thong/G-string need never show above your pants. TACKY.) However two pairs of shorts, with one fully below the butt? Unnecessary and uncool. Don't do it.

And that is my very strong opinion on pants and where they should be and should not be worn.

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