Jun 1, 2011

Western MA: Tornado Alley Extended?

Crazy things happened in Massachusetts today. And since most you blog readers are either in MA, used to live in MA or are otherwise connected to MA, you probably already know that tornadoes hit the western half of the state today.

Our very dear Age, Joe, Taygan and Boyd live out there. They had a scary, scary day but thankfully they and their home are all OK. However lots of trees are down, including one that hit Age's (new) car, and the roads are impassable. And if you watch any of the videos or catch the news coverage, you know that many of their neighbors were not nearly so lucky.

So if you have an in with the Big Man Upstairs or any other deities, take a second this week and ask them to lend a hand with the clean up and repairs out in Western Massachusetts, the newest but hopefully temporary addition to Tornado Alley. And thank them for keeping our favorite little Western Massachusetts family safe.

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