Jun 19, 2011

Socialnomics: Part 1

I'm reading this book for work, Socialnomics (video below is a really cool sneak peek into it).

As I get a little further through the book, I'll post a blog or two about social media, charity and marketing on Connection Cafe. However there are some topics in the book I find really interesting that aren't quite right for Connection Cafe. That's where this blog comes in.

From chapter three of Socialnomics, here's my fav quote at the moment
The [Gen Xers and Gen Yers] are also less likely to understand boundaries, whether that is answering an e-mail from a friend during business hours or taking e-mail from a manager at 11 p.m.
You know what...true story.

I'd be a dirty liar if I told you I never sent a personal email or made a personal phone call from the office. But I also check in on things during my time off. I mean I am reading a work book on a Sunday afternoon am I not? (And actually, typing that reminded me that I needed to send a quick note to a client...so I just did.)

Anyways, the book says we know no boundaries. I admit to knowing few boundaries. Is it good, bad or neither? Will our work or personal lives suffer from lack of boundaries?

Many moons ago in my blog reading I stumbled upon one about work-life balance, in particular with kids. The blogger said that for her, mixing it all up was the key to success. She might take a long lunch to go to a personal appointment but then she'd check email at 10 p.

Her success story resonated with me. If you can keep work to just 9a-5p and your personal life fits in outside that, well I think that's awesome. For me though, I can't be a wife, friend and puppy-mommy just from 5p-8a. And with a gig in social media, which as you know is a 24/7 cycle, I can't be the best marketing pro just during 9a-5p. I'm not a light switch between work and home, I'm more like the dimmer with mood lighting.

So that's my story, a boundary-lacking woman/marketing pro. What's your story?

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