Jun 24, 2011

Why I love Clinique

Well taping yourself is scary as hell but I decided to go for a new medium and post my first ever video blog. Ahh! I know right? But the subject is make up so it just felt like it should be a person talking and not writing. OK, deep breath, here it goes.

Whew, and now that that's done, a glass of wine to calm my nerves and anxiety that everyone can now see me online. Maybe two glasses.

(And a big thank you to the lovely lady at the Clinique counter in Macy's for helping me out during a only-girls-get-it mini-crisis. My Junior League picture actually turned out all right!)

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Brittney Garneau said...

OMG I DID THE SAME THING FOR MY JUNIOR LEAGUE PHOTO A FEW WEEKS AGO!!! Except I went to Sephora and the Bare Escentuals counter. And I scheduled a blowout over lunch. True story.