Jun 11, 2011

Not Doin Nothin

This weekend we're both off and we're looking forward to doing NOTHING.

We've been really busy the past two months and while the past two weekends have been fairly normal (hallelujah) we've still been out and doing things around Austin. (Like this week, I had dinner out Monday, Junior League orientation Tuesday and a TriDelta Alumnae Happy Hour Thursday. I had a blast! But it was busy. I could go for some down-time.)

This weekend, none of it.

It's actually a really good weekend for us to be embracing lameness because on Monday Ross hurt his back. We're not exactly sure what he did but the self-diagnosis via WebMD has us guessing pulled muscle or pinched nerve. I actually even worked from home Tuesday afternoon because I wasn't sure how mobile he'd be and thought he might need someone to like fetch water and such.

He's been taking it really easy all week. And we decided since we're on a budget (saving up for the August Canadian vacation!), been pretty busy for 2-3 months and he's achey, we'd just hibernate this weekend. That said my big plans for the next 48 hours include
  • Reading and maybe finishing Nanny Returns (sequel to The Nanny Diaries)
  • Few chores
  • Gym
  • Lexi walks
  • Watching The King's Speech
Whew, oh yeah, that's more than enough activity for two days.

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