Jun 3, 2011

What do you do online?

Not to be too nosy or anything, but what do you do online?

As a firefighter's wife, I have a lot of time at home by myself. Now I have girlfriends but they have husbands who are home every evening and apparently sometimes they like to hang out with them. So in short, my girlfriends aren't available to entertain me for a full 24 hours, every third day and thus, I'm at home.

I walk the puppy, watch a little TV, blog, read, work out... and then it's 8 p.m. Every once in a while after blogging I catch myself thinking "there is a whole internet world out there! What do people do there!?". Usually I've already Facebooked, tweeted and blogged...in short, covered all my social media bases. I've realized social media is about all I do online. I guess given how much I like to talk and socialize, this shouldn't have surprised me but it kinda did.

So assuming you do something other than play on social media sites when you are online, what is it? And can I do it too?


Jane Harries said...

So I've been thinking about this since I read it, and it reminded me of your post a while ago asking what people do to entertain themselves. First, we still need to live in the same city, because seeing as we both need little alone time we could just hang out all day. But aside from that, I now have a list for you of what I do online: twitter, facebook, blog (top three, just like you), and spend 10234098098 hours reading other people's blogs and commenting on them. That's the timesuck for me.

And now that I have free time (!!!), I read books for fun, exercise, sleep, watch a lot of tv/Netflix, and cook/bake. On Saturday night I almost texted you because after reading this, I got bored and made homemade ice cream and baked cookies. I felt like I was channeling AJ ;)

Cheryl said...

I also thought of the entertainment post. And I realized, this is basically the same question again. I think I've got my hobbies nailed now though: socializing and volunteering. I had happy hour yesterday, Junior League tonight and a TriDelta happy hour on Thursday. I am doing awesome at my hobbies. Maybe so awesome I don't need to be online (which personally is fine by me, there is after all more to life than the internet, lest we forget that)