Jun 2, 2011

My Puppy is Falling Apart

003Back in March Lexi got into a little puppy scuffle. She got her nose scratched up decently and had to go to the emergency vet where she was put on antibiotics to protect her from infection.

In April she started scratching herself like there was no tomorrow. Behind the ears, on the belly, her haunches, you name it, she scratched it. And she kept us up all night. On the drive to work after a week of it I called the vet and said "I don't care what you have to do. Make her better or just drug her; our house has to sleep tonight." Antibiotics and a switch back to all-natural dog food later, she was fine again.

This week she's started trying to hack up a lung. She'll bark at something on TV and within 1-2 barks it has progressed from barking to coughing/hacking. Or she'll just be minding her own business and BAM coughing fit. Back to the vet yet again. They aren't 100% sure what it is, maybe something with allergies or maybe something else. Either way she's on three medications now as a result.

I wonder if the Obama healthcare reform covers puppies.

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