Jul 17, 2014

Big Tex

UntitledLast week was Texas week at pre-school. Check out the art project/photo shoot the kiddos did.

Cutest cowboy around.

In other cute news, last night Ross and I had a dinner date and Meg watched Cade. I told her he goes to bed at 7/7:30 and so at about 7:15 he was looking pretty sleepy. They were watching a cartoon and she says to him "Are you ready to go night-night?"

He says "yeah," grabs his stuffed monkey, walks to his room, points to the pacifier basket and signs "more," grabs himself a paci and marches right to his crib.

I know, my kid is the kind that other parents dream about. It's awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing kid! Can't wait to see him again. - Mom