Jul 25, 2014

Good Day Friday

Greeting The Breakfast Club
while waiting on Mom's drink
As the official referee of good days in mine and Cade's lives, I'd say today was a darn good day.

First we slept in, especially important since that crazy toddler was awake and talking in bed until 9p last night, a full 90 minutes after bedtime. So we slept in and then went to Starbucks before school. Honestly I didn't need caffeine but we're regulars and its just kinda nice to start our day with so many smiles. The staff knows us, they all loudly greet us (ie Cade) when we walk in and take turns talking with him while we wait for my drink. There's also "The Breakfast Club," a group of 4-6 grandparent aged folks who have coffee there every day around 8a. In the past few weeks Cade has really made friends with them. We always stop by their table to say hello and give out baby high fives. They tell him how cute he is and to be good for mom.

After Starbucks we had a few hours of normal weekday things. School for him, meetings and work for me. My meetings went well (always nice) and right before lunch I had two friends tell me they are expecting babies in January! I'm so excited for them, especially for one for whom this is long awaited news. Yay!

Eating snacks at the pool
After lunch, I got a pedicure and then picked up Cade from school. At first he was sad because his class was headed to the playground but then I told him we were going to the pool. I'm not sure he really got it but his teacher assured him that he was going to get to play outside and at a better place and with mommy and that it would be way more fun than the school playground. Something in that sold him and he perked right up.

We checked out a new pool, one with a huge kiddie pool. It was pirate lagoon themed so there was a pirate ship with water slides, a lagoon waterfall thingy and a crocodile and a shark that could be climbed on. It was the first pool Cade had been to with a graduated walk-in and that was shallow enough for him to walk around. After 10-15 minutes of warming up, he was sold. We had a blast!

Then home for Curious George, dinner (and no plate throwing tonight!), lazy TV, bubble bath and bed at 7:30p. Good day Friday indeed.

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