Jul 1, 2014

Vacation 2015

In addition to having Cade's super awesome summer vacation week, I've been planning my next year vacations a bit. This was kicked off in Pennsylvania when we started talking about the 2015 Delta Vacation.

Let me tell you this: it is lookin' good. Are you ready for the big reveal? OK here it is...

Delta Vacation 2015 is.... Nashville! We're going for a three-day weekend in early June. As a bunch of Type A sorority girls, we've picked the city, the weekend and have a top pick for our lodging. (Val found us this great house.) I suspect by the end of this month, the house will be secured and only plane tickets will be left to purchase...which is really just a matter of waiting on Southwest Airlines to make June 2015 dates available.

Cabo - what's not to like?
30th Birthday Trip is.... Cabo! I had two requirements for my 30th birthday trip: tropical and accessible via direct flight. God bless Southwest Airlines because in November they'll start flying direct to Cabo San Lucas which doubles the number of tropical locations accessible via direct flight from Austin. This is as far as I've gotten on these plans. I know I want an all-inclusive hotel and to go the actual weekend of my birthday (which falls on a Saturday this year). I'll sort out the details this fall when Ross has the vacay days secured.

2015 travel is looking pretty freakin' awesome. Hurray!

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