Jul 6, 2014

Summer Vacation, Days 8 and 9

Pajamas at the park pre-party
These last two days of Cade's summer vacation have more or less been like any ordinary weekend. Parks, shopping, cartoons. The special occasion of the weekend was Will and Laure's engagement party in Buda. Last time we saw them, I was still pregnant so it was quite a treat to take Cade to meet them in person.

He only lasted til about 7p at the party but since he'd been up late the night before at the wedding, I don't think that's too shocking. Still, a short appearance is better than no appearance.

Today, unfortunately, started a new activity that I don't think Cade is too enthusiastic about. Pacifier weaning. We've been trying to gradually get him to use it less but no real hard and fast rules. This morning though Ross decided that his demands for the paci were a little too demanding and not nice at all. So the adventure of weaning him down to a paci only for sleeping began. From what I hear the morning (while I was at the gym and grocery store) was worse than the afternoon. I employed the strategies of cartoons, snacks, bubbles and his beloved monkey toy to get us through and it seems to have mostly worked.

Paci weaning aside, I think Cade had a good summer vacation. We stayed busy with activities and social events so I don't think his brain turned totally to mush. Tomorrow morning - back to Montessori!

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