Jul 28, 2014

Organization Frenzy

Ya know how when you don't have anywhere to be or anything to do, you manage not to do anything? But as soon as you're busy, you jump into high gear because suddenly time seems like a precious commodity?

That's where I'm at this week. Just one more week of my 30 hour workweek, all from home schedule. Quick! Do all the projects you've been putting off for the past 18 months! Hurry!

(If I've been procrastinating them for that long do they really need to get done right now? No, of course not. But doing them "next week" suddenly seems much less likely so...frantic summer cleaning mode.)

Cade's closet and the guest room closet are high on the list. Like take my toddler with me to Walmart for closet organization shelves and bins at 8 in the morning before preschool priority level.

While I normally appreciate the drama of before and after pics, the before was just too embarrassing to capture digitally, let alone, publish. So you'll have to settle for just an after picture.

The number one thing I learned doing this: we actually have more clothes that DON'T fit Cade than we do clothes that fit him. The diaper box on the floor, the blue bin, another (unphotographed) diaper box and a (also unphotographed) trash bag are all full of clothes that don't fit. With the the exception of the blue bin which is clothes he's not big enough for, they are all ones he's outgrown. We have a few friends who have recently announced they are expecting and a few more who hope to be expecting later this year. The first ones to announce it is a boy are getting a major windfall.

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