Jul 3, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 6

Full speed ahead!
More summer vacation!

Cade better be having the time of his baby life because we're pullin' out all the stops. This morning he and Ross fed the ducks again, went to the park and then the grocery store (OK so that last part isn't super wow, just regular life. But still.). They were go-go-go all morning and Ross said Cade had a blast. Then it was a French lunch of bread, cheese and grapes. Yum. The life of a baby.

After nap and snack, Cade and I went to the library to run around. I don't think running laps is exactly what the children's section is for but we got away with it.

Then we went to a toddler arts & crafts class where we sang songs, drew pictures of fireworks and...wait for it, wait for it...the best part...played with hundreds of bubbles from the bubble machine! It totally made his year.

UntitledThis was the second activity we did at BabyEarth (the first didn't go so well). I think what made this way more successful was 1) the organized activities and 2) the kids were much closer in age. Cade was a toddler tornado per the usual...but so were all the other kids. And bubbles are universally awe inspiring for the under 3 crowd so that helped too.

Also...though unplanned, our whole family wore football shirts today. We didn't realize it until almost 3p. I guess you could say we are ready for football season. (And of course per the usual, though we were all in football shirts, Cade was the best dressed. He literally matched all the way down to the stitching on his sneakers.)

On tap for tomorrow: morning work out and evening wedding!

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