Jul 23, 2014

Wild (God)Child

Go, go, go, go. Always on the move.
Ryan must think he has a wild child for a godson.

Last Tuesday he and Margeaux came over for dinner. Cade had gotten dinner and finger paints all over him so he was stripped down to his plaid shorts and diaper. For the whole time he was up, Cade was on fire. Run to Daddy, be thrown in the air, peel over laughing, get down, run around the kitchen island and repeat. Then to the toys. Pick up a ring from the ring stacker, throw it on the ground and yell "Woah!" Repeat. Laps between the couch and the windows. Climb into Mom's lap, outta Mom's lap, eat some Cheerios, back into Mom's lap.

Ross and I barely noticed the chaos til Margueax started laughing and said it was only funny because it was an hour out of their day, not every hour of every day. No wonder we're tired. Oh yeah, I guess he could appear a little exhausting to the unaccustomed observer.

Yesterday Ryan and Margeaux came over again, this time to deliver cookies. (Bless you Margeaux, you can bake too many cookies any day.) Again, Cade was stripped down to just his shorts, this time because we were recently returned from the pool. He showed off his screeching, played tug-o-war with Lexi, ran circles around the living room, asked to be picked up, demanded to be put down, enthusiastically ate snacks, sprinted to the windows, sat on the window sills, darted down the hallway. You know, your typical every day toddler tornado.

Then tonight Ryan called me about some work stuff and while we were talking I yelled "ouch!" and then "Cade! Don't bite Mama!". (Though biting is normal naughty toddler behavior, this was the first time Cade had done it.)

Given these last few interactions with his godson, Ryan probably thinks it is Lord of the Flies over here. It's more like Never Never Land but the fact remains: there's a wild child toddler tornado in the house.

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