Jul 23, 2014

Mommy Favorites

Amanda is my favorite mommy blogger of all time and I am very honored to tell you I actually know her awesome self. She is besties with AJ (my college roomie) and she and I have been co-bridesmaids together. She now has no less than FOUR kiddos, including one whose age can still be reported in days, and yet she's going to splash pads and Costco. I can barely handle splash pads with my one kiddo and I can't handle Costco alone.

If you need a laugh or some mommy-inspiration, read her stuff. Also she's a damn good photographer so there are cute kid pics too!

Another fav: my favorite parenting advice article as of late is this one. Specifically this part

Set the bar low. As I wrapped up my first son's 1-year visit, the pediatrician said, "Your job this year is basically just to keep him alive." I laughed. He wasn't joking. I thought, "Really?! Just keep him alive? What about proper nutrition, developmental milestones and nurturing his growing brain with educational toys?" Then little Eli started walking... and running... and climbing... and jumping... and I understood the pediatrician's advice, even as I marveled at my little daredevil's ability to find danger in the safest of environments.
So yes, lower your expectations of yourself. Your sweet baby is about to go running into the world. Wear comfy shoes, try to keep up, and stock up on colorful band-aids.

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