Jul 27, 2014

Playground of the Rich and Famous

When it comes to playground, we don't play around. Nothing but best playgrounds for my kid.

I picked Cade up from his sleepover at the Turner B&B this morning and we went to the Bridgepoint Elementary playground which is literally a $1M+ playground. Clearly we needed to see it and play on it for ourselves.

It's awesome. There are three big playscapes plus swings and some crazy rubber hill things. The ground is astroturf on some kinda rubber so it squishes a bit as you walk and I imagine is ultra safe for little bodies.

I busted out with the panorama feature on my iPhone and what I got wasn't too bad. As you can see, Cade was into the colorful hills. He played king of the mountain on them repeatedly but by the time I was taking this pic, needed a short rest. Doesn't it look like he's in a Dr. Seuss book?


UntitledMost of the pictures I took are of the back of his head because per the usual, he's running every which way and I'm almost keeping up (also I like to let him lead our activities so I happily follow). I did manage to get a few of his face though. Most importantly, this mama and baby park selfie. We're a cute pair if I do say so myself.

As you've seen via the blog this month, we've been pretty busy. I'm really loving toddlerhood and the increased freedom we have. I like to be out and about and Cade is very agreeable to it. Checking out parks, pools, splashpads and all the things in between is keeping us happy, busy and more or less outta trouble.

I think as the weather cools down this fall and he is that much older the fun adventures will continue. We already have Groupon tickets to go to the zoo. And even in the winter when outdoor activities might take a hiatus, I've got my eye on the Thinkery (Children's Museum), more library activities and maybe even a mom-and-me class. I'm looking forward to next summer too, when he'll be a year older and a year more able to climb playgrounds, go down big slides and all the other super fun parts of being a kid.

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awesome playground!