Jul 22, 2014

Knock knock. Who's there? Opportunity.

Also, when opportunity knocks, you celebrate with a
(outlet mall) shopping spree, champagne and ($6) roses.
When opportunity comes a-knockin, you answer. And so I did.

I've been very happy living in self-employment land. Like any job, it isn't perfect (that's why they call it a job), but I really dig cutting out at 3p most days and noon on most Fridays. I dig the lack of expense reports, the uber-responsive IT department and the down-the-stairs commute. So needless to say, it would take a seriously sweet full-time job to put all that on hiatus.

Like most good opportunities, it started with a margarita and ended with a dinner date with my husband. Somewhere in the middle came a whirlwind interview, job offer and acceptance. To cut to the chase: I start as a Marketing Campaign Manager at Abila on August 4.

What makes Abila (Uh-bill-a) and this particular job so sweet I'd leave the land of yoga pants and short days you ask? Well, a lot of things.

First, I know my bosses already and I like them. Not only that, they are smart and I can learn a lot from working with they day in and day out.

Second, it focuses on a part of marketing I've only recently become acquainted with: lead generation. I've dipped my toe in that this year with a couple of my clients and I'm really geeky for it. Going right along with smart bosses, being down in the lead gen weeds day in and day out will be the best way to really sharpen that skill set.

Third, it's back in nonprofit world! You know how much I love nonprofit world.

Fourth and finally, it's a good logistical match. Only 15 minutes from home, health insurance (because it's not if the wee baby breaks a leg, it's when), family-friendly company, good vacay and potential for flexible scheduling (which lends itself nicely to yoga pants).

The odds of finding all four of those is practically unheard of so I did what any smart working mama would do: I jumped on it.

Big change for our family? Yup. Good change for our family? Totally. Excellent big picture decision? Absolutely.

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