Sep 1, 2010


Like Anna, I've become increasingly "into" blog reading. And I have to say, my amigas are doing a great job at feeding the need. All in the past week new blogs have exploded out into the blog-o-sphere. Here they are...
    Bloggers & Bridesmaids,
    Val & Brittany
  • Challenging Mind & Body by Val is her adventure in exercise of the physical and law school kinds. And it all happens in Seattle, which is my fav part.
  • The Beauty Nut by Brittany chronicles her never-ending hunt for the perfect beauty products, techniques and inspiration. If you eye eyeshadow or lust for lipstick, this is for you.
  • Red River Romance by Brittney, a Romeo and Juliette anaology. Brittney's UT loyalty is to Chad's OU loyalty as the Montagues are to the Capulets. Oh yeah, and she's moved from H-town to Little Rock to be with the enemy.
  • Pflugerville Pflag is...oh you can probaby guess, is shameless promotion by yours truly to follow the maiden voyage of my career in journalism.
Happy blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I will definitely have to check out Britta's blog too!