Sep 6, 2010


My Labor Day weekend labors:

Finally decorating the guest bathroom. It may have been the first functional room in the house, but it has been the slowest to feel really decorated. I decided to go with flow blue accents, hopefully in a hip-chick way as opposed to the grandma's-house-with-doilly-accents way. Ross also labored on this...more than he intended due to my incompetence with shelf hanging.

No hubby for dinner tonight so it was my very first at-home shrimp cooking! Scampi over angel hair pasta; well-cooked as far as the shrimp goes but not too flavorful. Ended up adding alfredo sauce.

And to promote another kind of labor, business cards to get my freelance writing going a little more. I ordered them a decade ago it feels like but they finally arrived this weekend.

Oh yes, and Ross is doing the old-fashioned kind of labor: at his job. First 24-hour shift at GFD. I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow!

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challengingmindbody said...

Those shelves are super cute :) And thanks for the reminder that I need to get myself some law school business cards!