May 10, 2011

1:10:33 for 4 in 10/2004

Tonight I worked out for 1 hour, 10 minutes and 33 seconds.

Why the hell did I do that you ask? Because 10 minutes into my work out ESPN started showing the most miraculous hour of television I've seen in nearly 7 years: "Four Days in October." A one hour summary of the 2004 ACLS in which the Red Sox, down 3-0 in the series came back to beat the pants off the Yankees.

And I couldn't leave the gym because my drive home is longer than a commercial break and I obviously could not risk missing any of this.

Now I'm not someone who says "ooo it gave me chills." When Ross proposed, I shook (like a leaf as he'll tell you.) Now when I look at my wedding album, I get mushy. When I look at Sydney pictures, I get nostalgic. But not chills. Not goosebumps.

Watching that one hour special today, I got chills and goosebumps.

How can you not? Two Big Papi homeruns. 14 innings in Fenway Park. An A-Rod ball slap...that went in Boston's favor. A bloody sock. Johnny Damon grandslam! What's not to love??

What's more, and this I just find funny, I got goosebumps but let's be honest, I know how this ends. Not only did I watch it live on the edge of my seat and run into the streets of Kenmore Square after the victory, but the boys I babysat for in college (Izzy & Louie!) had the 90-minute highlight video and we watched it so much they could quote it. (No they didn't really know how to read but those little boys could tell you every Sox player, their position and why 2004 was the best year ever.) And I saw Fever Pitch, at the Fenway movie theatre nonetheless, where the audience stood up and cheered in the movie theatre during the final scene when the Sox win. I think I speak for most of that audience when I say I only saw that movie so I could relive the Sox win.

But OMG, it's amazing. So amazing I have to gush about a 7 year old game 7 here on my blog tonight.

And because blog reader, I love you so much, I'm going to share with you the YouTube video that is the preview for what I am calling the best hour of TV since the actual 2004 ALCS.

PS I love this opening line on NESN "Dear Red Sox fans, would you like to feel good?" and then the trailer. Awesome

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Anna said...

It really is the best ESPN movie ever! Ben and I found it on our On Demand last fall and watched it a ton. You described it perfectly: it gave us goosebumps, even though we know how it ends!