May 29, 2011

Kevin Lowe, US Sailor

Thursday, Mom, Dad and me piled into their SUV (last minute decision against the corolla was very wise) and drove and drove and drove east on I-10 to Pensacola. After plunging ahead through some hail and tornado warnings around Mobile, AL, we finally set foot in Pensacola at 5:30 p.m. We grabbed Kev from base and headed out for a steak dinner.

SDC10571Then Friday morning we packed up from our hotel room and headed down to Corry Station for Kevin's A-School graduation. There were about 100 people graduating, a big class from what the officers told us. It was a mix of people from all branches of the service, all there studying intel and technical communications.

One of the things I liked best about the graduation ceremony was they told you not only the graduates' names, but their hometowns and where their orders were to (Kev's are to San Diego). It was a pretty laid back ceremony yet with military precision on everything from the start time to the way the graduates turned corners walking up to the stage.

After graduation, Kev packed the SUV full of all his worldly possessions (again, good thing we took the SUV) and we started back down I-10, west this time. And actually we had a lovely 75 mile detour in Louisiana that allowed us to scope out SH 190 which is narrow but straight in case you were wondering. We finally made it back to Seabrook at 10:30 p.m. Friday night and all promptly crashed.

And today I'm back in Austin but it is also an important day of note for Kevin Lowe, US Sailor. It is his 23rd birthday! Happy birthday Kev!

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